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Most of what I do could accurately be described as remanufacturing.

Taking a machine apart down to the last nut and bolt and rebuilding the Laverda
to the same responsiveness and feel as when new.

A nice original machine is approached with the view of preservation.
For the purist or collector the Laverda is restored
to be as correct in function and originality as the day it rolled out the factory.

 There are many machines built with modern upgrades to make them user friendly in today’s world
and others totally custom built to the owners preferences.
For the regular rider custom forks, dampers and engine work are done
to suit their Laverda’s use.

For others nothing but an outright special will do. I build each Laverda as if it were my own.
There are no shortcuts. Much like an aircraft, a component failure may have catastrophic results. 
While there is no shortage of pilots for these fine machines, there is a finite number of Laverda in the world.  

I do virtually everything personally. There is no staff of flunkies, no itinerant journeymen.
That which I cannot do in house, like plating or boring, is subbed out to masters in their field.
It matters not if the machine spent a week underwater during a flood or is nothing more than a pile of parts on a pallet.
I can bring it back to life.







Extensive experience provides me with a unique perspective on machines that are, perhaps, no longer fresh and gleaming.
When a Laverda has enjoyed sympathetic care and maintenance in the past, it deserves an intelligent approach
to its ongoing preservation. There are times it is more appropriate to restrain the urge to do a total restoration, 
in these cases I do advocate performing all necessary work with respect for historical accuracy.


I value what these motorcycles were in their day, my work shows respect
for the workmanship and execution of the original builders.








Some of you may prefer to do much of the service or restoration work yourself
and farm out the more exacting details. 
I offer complete engine and gearbox rebuilds to factory specifications
as well as custom engine work, carburetor service with ultrasonic cleaning, fork service and wheel building.






     Suspension: Fork modification with the installation of Race-Tech cartridge emulators.

     Brakes: Genuine Brembo and Ferodo component parts.

     Wheels: Wider spoke rim conversions and GSXR wheel conversions.

     Engine Components: Custom pistons, liners and camshafts.

     Ignition and Charging Systems: Installation of DMC and Sachse ignition systems and
 Red/Sachse ignition / alternator conversions.



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